Welcome to the STEM Summer Playbook

Every child should have the opportunity every summer, and throughout each school year, to experience a STEM Spark. This summer could be the summer your students experience the spark that puts them on the track to pursue a STEM career!

At the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, we know that sparking and sustaining interest in STEM careers requires strengthening a student’s identity, academic capability, and access to engaging coursework taught by ambitious educators. And with summer school and summer camps around the corner, we also know that school leaders, camp directors, and caregivers could use a little help. We want to help.

We are excited to announce that we are making all of the TRSA Summer Camp curriculum freely available here on our new STEM Summer Playbook! Six of our 9 camps are available now, and we will continue to update this Playbook throughout the summer and into the 2021-22 school year.

Whether you're new to planning summer activities or experienced, our Facilitator Playbook will introduce you to the key things to get right this summer so you can help create a STEM spark in a child's life this summer!

Each of the Summer Academies hosted by the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance has been tried and tested with students across the Tulsa region for years. Now, all the best parts are packaged up for free.

Every Summer Academy has been transformed into a website! Camp directors can use them to shape in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual summer experiences. Students can even use the guidance on their own!

What's the catch?

Really, there is no catch. Everything here is free to use. Our aim is to ensure every student has access to inspiring STEM experiences this summer! If you feel compelled, there are three requests we have of you:

  1. We want to keep improving... Please complete our feedback forms and help gather feedback from students who go through the experience. This is the only payment we need! Learn more here.

  2. Donations help us keep doing more... Please consider donating to help us keep doing what we love! Visit our donations page here.

  3. Stay in touch... Not only will we release new camps and activities on this Playbook, but we are always doing new events, activities, and training that we know you (and your students) will love. Subscribe to our newsletter today and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!

Need help acquiring the necessary supplies to make your camp a reality? Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance's STEM Shoppe offers FREE resources for educators to borrow, keep or repurpose (as supplies allow).