Welcome to the STEM Experience Playbook

Every child should have the opportunity to experience a STEM Spark that puts them on the track to pursue a STEM career! 

At the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, we know that sparking and sustaining interest in STEM careers requires strengthening a student’s identity, academic capability, and access to engaging coursework taught by ambitious educators. We also know that school leaders, camp directors, and caregivers could use a little help. That's why we are excited to make our STEM Experience curricula free for you to use to enrich your in-class, after-school, or vacation programs!

Whether you're new to planning STEM activities or experienced, our Facilitator Playbook will introduce you to the key things to get right so you can help create a STEM spark in a child's life!

High-quality Experiences

Each of the STEM Experiences hosted by the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance has been tried and tested with students across the Tulsa region for years. Now, all the best parts are packaged up for free.

Many STEM Experiences have been transformed into a virtual option via a Google Site! You can use these sites to shape in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual experiences. Students can even use the guidance on their own!

We're here to help!

We offer free consultation sessions to get your STEM experience off the ground.

Explore our lending library of educational tools and funding opportunities.

Our flexible activities allow educators to incorporate a hour activity to a semester-long afterschool program.

Help our ecosystem grow and improve by providing your feedback!

What's the catch?

Really, there is no catch. Everything here is free to use. Our aim is to ensure every student has access to inspiring STEM experiences! If you feel compelled, there are three requests we have of you: