Get your students excited about engineering by building boats out of the recycled cardboard you have around your school or office. This event could take place over several days or as one big day-long event. Boats could be designed to hold specific masses or the students themselves. Choose from a wide variety of judging criteria, including technique, aesthetics, historical references, and speed.


Created with upper elementary, middle, and high school students in mind. Consider splitting the competition into age categories if a wide range of ages are present. 

Anticipated Supply Cost:

The lessons and curricula linked are FREE to use. Materials to implement the curriculum are the responsibility of the user. You can expect to spend approximately $5-$15 per student on materials. This is an estimated cost, and you can expect materials to vary depending on quantity, manufacturer, and market. These activities use several items that you may already have on hand, like paper, tape, and scissors, which could reduce the cost of this experience.

Facilitator Materials:

Cardboard Regatta Challenge

Generic Event Info

Background information as well as basic rules and parameters for the competition. 

Judging Scales

Judging Criteria

Example criteria for judging.