Use engineering as a force for good! In this camp, students will explore the real needs of individuals, brainstorm solutions, and design tools to assist individuals’ needs. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of others through engineering? 


Created with 9th-12th graders in mind, activities could be adapted for 6-8th grade.  

Anticipated Supply Cost: 

The lessons and curricula linked are FREE to use. Materials to implement the curriculum are the responsibility of the user. You can expect to spend approximately $35-$45 per student on materials. This is an estimated cost, and you can expect materials to vary depending on quantity, manufacturer, and market. These activities use several items that you may already have on hand, like paper, tape, and scissors, which could reduce the cost of this experience.

Activities Include:

Facilitator Materials

Supply List

Supply List

List of suggested supplies. You may supplement or substitute for certain activities.

Ordering Info - Difference Makers

Ordering Info

Spreadsheet with links to purchase and approximate costs. TRSA is not affiliated with these vendors.   You may order from any vendor you choose or use items that you already have. Item price and availability are subject to change and beyond our control.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Printable activities for facilitator's reference, or for students without internet access.  We recommend using the camp website (link above) which includes videos and additional information.

Difference Makers Welcome Letter to Families

Welcome Letter to Families

Make a copy and add your school's information.

Standards Addressed

Standards Addressed

Standards met by this camp's activities.

Duncan's Case for Difference Makers (2).pdf

Meet Duncan

Learn about your first client, Duncan.

Emeka - Difference Makers (1).pdf

Meet Emeka

Learn about your second client, Emeka.

Funding for the original camp from which this Experience was created was provided by: