Get your students excited about aeronautics and flight by building kites out of recycled material and giving them a test flight! Add an element of competition to the experience by having judges select the most unique and or successful kites!


Created with upper elementary in mind, this experience could be scaled down to engage younger students and their families in a family STEM experience. This experience could also be scaled up to include the engineering design process with a middle school or high school audience. 

Anticipated Supply Cost: 

The lessons and curricula linked are FREE to use. Materials to implement the curriculum are the responsibility of the user. You can expect to spend approximately $5 per student on materials. This is an estimated cost, and you can expect materials to vary depending on quantity, manufacturer, and market. These activities use several items that you may already have on hand, like paper, tape, and scissors, which could reduce the cost of this experience.

Facilitator Materials:

Kite Festival Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

A week's worth of 45 min lessons to engage students in learning about and building a kite. 

Aerospace at the End of a String slide deck

Slide Deck

Presentation to accompany lesson plans. 

Kite Festival Curriculum Standards.pdf

Standards Addressed

Example Kite Criteria

Example Criteria

An example of the criteria requirements for a kite-building contest. 

Kite Literature Book List

Book List

Kite and flight-themed books to accompany your lessons. 

Types of Kites Game

Google Slide Game

Quiz students on their knowledge of kites buy presenting this Google Slide and clicking the embedded buttons. 

A Few Simple Kite Plans.pdf

Kite Building Plans

A selection of several kite templates and resources. 

Copy of Sled Kite Instructions NASA.pdf

Sled Kite Plans

NASA resource on how to build a Sled Kite


Dermer Sled Kite Instructions

How to build a Dermer Sled Kite

Build a Tetrahedral Kite NASA activity.pdf

Tetrahedral Kite Building Instructions

Advanced Kite Building Instructions

Dermer Sled Video Tutorial

A selection of several kite templates and resources. 

Aeronautical Engineering Airfoils, Straw Plane, and Experimental Aircraft.pdf

Advanced Lesson Plans

Use this resource to scale your kite festival to an older audience.