Celebrating over 50 years of space travel, students use the engineering design process as they learn about humans' endeavors to return to the Moon and visit Mars.

Who: Created with 3rd-5th graders in mind, activities could be adapted for 1st-6th and beyond.

Anticipated Supply Cost: It is FREE to use these online curriculum. Materials to implement the curriculum are the responsibility of the user. You can expect to spend approximately $35-$45 per camper in materials. The cost will vary based on materials used, vendor, etc. These activities use many materials that you may already have on hand (paper, scissors, yarn, etc.), which will also reduce the overall cost of the camp.

Activities Include:

  • Design a Crew Patch

  • Understanding Relative Size and Distance

  • Creating Scale Models of Moon, Mars, Earth, and the Solar System

  • Space Survival: Shelters, Space Apparel, Parachutes

  • Using Robots in Space: Binary Coding, Design a Bionic Hand, Vibration Bot

  • Life in Space? Mystery Planet Investigation

  • Transportation in Space: Wind Powered Rover

Facilitator Materials:

Supply List

Supply List

List of suggested supplies. You may supplement or substitute for certain activities.

Cost & Ordering Info - To the Moon & Beyond Summer Playbook

Ordering Info

Spreadsheet with links to purchase and approximate costs. TRSA is not affiliated with these vendors. You may order from any vendor you choose, or use items that you already have. Item price and availability subject to change and is beyond our control.

Daily Activities- To the Moon & Beyond Summer Playbook.pdf

Daily Activities

Printable activities for facilitator's reference, or for students without internet access. We recommend using the camp website (link above) which includes videos and additional information.

Welcome Letter to Families

Welcome Letter to Families

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Standards Addressed

Standards Addressed

See how each Activity Aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards.

STEM Teaching Tips for Parents & Caregivers.pdf

STEM Teaching Tips

A resource guide for parents and caregivers containing tips and extension activities.

Additional Resources

Printable camp notebook, inspiring posters, and more!

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